Cooperation with Albedo Telecom in relation to PTP, SyncE and 10G

ALBEDO is an international manufacturer of sync-servers, testers and network devices. Especially for utilities, R&D labs, mobile and telecom operators, Albedo supports the installation of optical and electrical infrastructures using any kind of applications based on voice, video and data. ALBEDO Telecom's core competencies range from PTP, SyncE, GbE, 10GbE, E1T1, JitterWander, OTDR, cabling measurements, QoS and SLA technologies implemented in WAN emulators, taps, testers, clocks and systems. The entire program is now available at denk-stein:net. We are happy to support you. The portable tester platforms xGenius and xZeus support 10G and 1G, including the legacy datacom interfaces.