GPS/GNSS-Lockable Rb Source (RBSource-1500)

The RBSource™ is a low-cost, high-performance GPS/GNSS disciplinable rubidium reference standard in a compact 1U package. It integrates a smart rubidium clock and uses the patented GPS/GNSS SmarTiming+® technology, disciplining the Rb clock with an auto-adaptive loop time constant of 1,000 to 100,000 seconds, depending on the GPS/GNSS signal quality, at cutting-edge 1ns resolution.

  • 8x 10 MHz und 8x 1PPS
  • 16x 10 MHz oder 16x 1PPS (optional)
  • externe GPS-Reveiver lassen sich per 1PPS zur Disziplinierung des internen Rubidiums anschließen
  • 19''-Ausführung oder Desktop-Chassis