Argus 260 revised. Intec integrates ISDN BRI!

Intec adds to the Argus 260. ISDN BRI integrated

Due to many customer requests, the Sauerland manufacturer Intec has now added ISDN S0 to its Argus 260 After the analogue interface, ISDN is now also making its way back into the new 2xx platform. The device planned as a pure IP-based tester always adopts the old concept of the integrated tester. However, product management has denied the xDSL and Gigabit Ethernet tester the PMX interface. It is also not planned.
The new touch display doubles the area of the previous 15x and 16x series. This means that information that was previously spread over two screens can now be presented and read more attractively. Technically, 2.5G is optionally supported on the Ethernet side.
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