Network-Analyse with past view

The Allegro Packets GmbH, a leader in network testing and network analysis, has joined forces with the expansion of the reseller network in Germany won denk-stein: net GmbH, an innovative sales and consulting company, as a new partner for the distribution of the Allegro Network Multimeter.
The new distribution partner based in Berlin can draw on technical experts with many years of experience in test and measurement technology. The company is a constant in the market when it comes to measuring and analytical technology products. Denk-stein: net GmbH includes the complete range of Allegro Packets in its sales program.

network analysis with active TAP or monitoring ports

Allegro 200 Series, Allegro 1000 Series, Allegro 3000 Series, and Allegro 5000 Series are state-of-the-art network diagnostic tools developed by Allegro Packets. These products are distributed by Timeless Technology throughout the country. The Allegro Packets tools are now being used successfully by network administrators around the world to analyze network traffic in real-time as well as to store past events to allow a detailed investigation of the event. This can be network problems, performance bottlenecks and packet losses can be detected quickly and easily. The Allegro Network Multimeter uses powerful software algorithms to analyze high-granularity load peaks and disturbances while acting as powerful network monitoring tools to ensure high network quality. denk-stein: net GmbH has the necessary experts with extensive know-how and is available for all questions concerning measuring technology. With its clear service strategy, the company also offers its customers a comprehensive catalog of training and support as well as process optimization support. "We are delighted that we have found a sales partner in denk-stein: net GmbH who has the same standards we set ourselves: enthusiasm for technology, focus on high-quality products and solutions, and great value for details." says Mathias Hein, Chief Marketing Officer at Allegro Packets, adding: "denk-stein:net GmbH has been active in the German market for almost 30 years, is well networked and has the necessary industry experience. Together with denk-stein: net GmbH, we will conquer new markets and offer our common customers the typical Allegro Networks service. " (Text taken from the press release)